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Manta APM increases your fleet’s lifetime value through improved transparency, perfectly targeted maintenance and higher operating efficiency.

Manta – Putting The Future in Your Hands

As ships grow in complexity, so do the regulations that govern them, the fuels that power them, and the operational challenges they face. Access to clean, useful, and digestible data has never been more necessary and more challenging to manage, monitor, and use at every stage of a voyage.

There is so much rich data available on each ship, but up until now, the industry has been missing a smart system and a user-friendly tool that brings it all together in one place. From the engine room to the bridge, we’re now realizing that vessels themselves can tell us where savings can be made, where emissions can be reduced, and where maintenance is needed. However, without an intuitive platform that brings all this information together, the practical value of this data is limited.

Manta has been developed in collaboration with leading expert software company Silo AI, insights of ship owners and operators and aligned with guidelines and cyber security requirements of DNV and Bureau Veritas. Through Manta, you’re able to always have Elomatic’s engineering capabilities at your hand’s reach.

Unique Value

In terms of its software, and thanks to Silo AI, Manta is not just any APM system: it is a smart cloud solution, integrated seamlessly with AI-powered edge-computing capabilities on the ship. In a growing market for computerised maintenance management systems, a world-class APM such as Manta has great potential to provide value through machine learning and AI in various situations along a ship’s lifecycle.

Data capture and analysis
Data capture and analysis

With Manta, you’ll have access to the entire lifespan of data stream from your assets to monitor and predict their condition for more empowered decision-making.

Ease of use and Implementation
Ease of use and Implementation

We minimize your required effort in implementation - and usage.

Engineering back office at your disposal
Engineering back office at your disposal

Manta APM is built in a multidisciplinary engineering office with an extensive service portfolio to support your operation.


Manta is a fully integrable system to be fitted in your company’s processes – both onboard and at the office.


Manta can be tailored to suit your way of working – in order for you to focus on the tasks that matter most.

Electronic processes
Electronic processes

Minimize the amount of internal and external bureaucracy with reporting and mobile usage capabilities and mobile permission workflow.

Manta software's development track includes intelligent solutions, such as condition monitoring and AI-based predictive maintenance support.

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Manta APM – Created in Collaboration, Made for the Future

Joining forces, Elomatic and Europe’s largest private AI lab Silo AI have together created an asset performance management (APM) system that is fit to set the standard in the maritime industry. Building on both companies’ strengths, the soon-launching Manta APM will enable ship owners to move towards more sustainable, cost-effective life-cycle management of their fleets.

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Manta - Putting The Future in Your Hands

One of the major challenges in the maritime industry lies in accessing comprehensive and actionable data for decision-making at all levels. The Manta APM system emerges as a solution, integrating data from various ship components to inform decisions on emissions reduction, maintenance, and operational efficiency. Elomatic emphasizes the importance of transparent, user-friendly tools to empower ship owners in making intelligent choices, particularly in the face of environmental challenges. Manta not only streamlines operations but also offers a tailored approach, integrating seamlessly with existing technologies.

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A New Era in Maritime Maintenance Management

In the journey towards green shipping, energy efficiency and decarbonization continue to stand out as critical factors. To ensure the maritime industry plays its part in achieving sustainability and complies with IMO and EU rules and regulations, efficient maintenance management is imperative. Elomatic has taken a significant step forward with the development of Manta Asset Performance Management (APM) system, which promises tools to improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance sustainability.

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If CMMS was the past of maintenance management and EAM is the present,
APM is the future.

Nico Lehtinen, Head of Digital Transformation, Elomatic

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Ilari Leinonen, Product Owner, Manta
Ilari Leinonen

Product Owner

We are on a journey and providing a state-of-the-art APM during 2024. This is only the beginning – we are already designing the next features that will take Manta further to the next levels in the following years.

Tiina Turunen, Customer Success Manager, Manta
Tiina Turunen

Customer Success Manager

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